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London: Hypnagogia By ROA

Hypnagogia By ROA

After portraying large scale monochrome animals in London’s city streets and on derelict buildings all over the world, Belgium artist ROA returns to London for a solo show titled ‘Hypnagogia’ at Stolenspace. The exhibition is held in two spaces, featuring installation work & originals on recycled found-objects, as well as outdoor work across east London.

The title of the show refers to the transitional state between sleeping and awake. ROA explores the ‘interstate’ with his portrayals of sleeping animals, whilst quietly around us the world awakens from a long winter, and the creatures he depicts experience a period of seasonal transition.  Interaction plays also a significant part in the artworks as moving panels or drawers reveal another side of the animals, whether an half skeleton or part organ dissection.

Hypnagogia By ROA Hypnagogia By ROA   Hypnagogia By ROA   Hypnagogia By ROAHypnagogia By ROA     Hypnagogia By ROAHypnagogia By ROA
Hypnagogia By ROA      Hypnagogia By ROA

To coincide with this show opening will also be the launch of the artist first book ‘Roa: ‘An Introduction To Animal Representation’ by Mammal Press, an hand crafted book featuring ROA’s art around the world through photographs, sketches, and reference material with 2 screen prints enclosed.

Hypnagogia By ROA Hypnagogia By ROA
Hypnagogia By ROA     Hypnagogia By ROA

View the full set of picshere

‘Hypnagogia’ By ROA
Solo Show & Book Launch
20.04.12 – 06.05.12

Stolenspace, Truman Brewery
The Stone Masons, 17 Osborne Street London E1 6TD.


Copenhagen (DK): Galore Festival 2011

Galore 2011

Situated around the cultural area of Valby in Copenhagen, aka Toftegårds Plads and their surrounding culture houses KraftWerket and Valby Culture Centre, the Galore Festival is an uncensored, raw and wild exhibition celebrating several forms of art, from classic art, performance, live painting to sound installations and street art.

Galore 2011 Galore 2011 
Local graffiti artists and performance artists

ROA at the Galore Festival - DK
Roa (Belgium)

Part of the festival saw a 100 meters wall battle between international graffiti artists, which will be up for four months, featuring Da Mental Vaporz (FR), Dreyk The Pirate (GR), Erosie (NL), Graphic Surgery (NL), Grito (ES), Lints (DK), Ripo (US), Scie (IR).

Gallore 2011

Galore 2011
Da Mental Vaporz (France) – Blo, Bom.k, Brusk, Dran, Gris, Jaw, Kan, Sowat

Dreyk The Pirate (Greece)
Dreyk The Pirate (Greece)

Erosie - Graphic Surgery (NL)
Erosie / Graphic Surgery (Netherlands)

Grito (Spain)
Grito (Spain)

Lint (Denmark)
Lints (Denmark)

Ripo (US)
Ripo (USA)

Scie (Ireland)
Scie (Ireland)

More pics HERE

or info at Galore Festival

Stolenspace -Never Judge

The art of book with Pinguin.

Stolenspace - Never Judge...

Stolenspace - Never Judge...

Stolenspace - Never Judge...

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ROA hits NY

Fresh from his London show at the Pure Evil Gallery, ROA has now landed in NY. A lovely bird has appeared in the Lower East Side, and it’s just the beginning…

Photo by Butterfly

Photo by Butterfly

Factory Fresh will be presenting a solo show from Belgium artist Roa on 15 th May.
More info at http://www.factoryfresh.net/factoryfreshshows_roa.html

Roa hits the London Streets

New animal paintings from Belgium graffiti artist Roa have appeared in East London.






Photos by Butterfly